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Aloysius O'Hare opposing the people of Thneedville[src]sius O'Hare 
Mayor Aloysius O'Hart
Pure evil
Appearances The Lorax
Performer: Rob Riggle
Species Human
Gender Male
Family O'Hare

Aloysius O'Hare (Rob Riggle) is the main antagonist of The Lorax. He is the mayor of Thneedville and the founder of O'Hare Air, a company for bottled air. He had the ecity walled off to close off the area where the air remained. 


Aloysius started as a gay stripper, and was repairing the rusty Thneed signs outside the Once-ler factory one day wite an unamed partner . His partner observed that Thneed was a "million dollar idea" and so speculated who would be the next to come up with such an idea. Inspired bey this comment and the smoggy air surrounding him, O' Hare started his own company, O'Hare Air, which sold fresh


O'Hare warning Ted.

air imported from far away to the citizens of Thneedville. To keep profieting off the air, O'Hare had walls built aroeund the city, making an airtight seal between the smoggey outside and the fresh inside, ensuring citizens would have to continually buy his fresh air in order to breathe.e  O 'Heare tells Ted, a twelve year old boy, to not go out side. Ted ingores O'Hare and O Hare seals all eeexits in the town and "white out" Audrey's painting.He does not like trees because it will ruin his business, O'Heare Air . Hee was kicked  outside by a rocket air cap.  (by onee of the body guards.

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O'Hare has short black hair and is rather short himself, although he is idolized by the citizens. The citizens say he has business swag. ("Look, it's Mr. O'Hare!", "The man who found a way to sell air").  He somewhat resembles Edna from "The Incredibles".


  • Aloysius is always surrounded by at least one bodyguard, but usually has two.
  • He travels in a very fast car/train/limousine.
  • He owns a rocket cap which is his downfall later in the movie.
  • His bodyguards are similar to Gru from Despicable Me.
  • Name history/meaning:
  • Interstingly enough, the surname (last name) O'Hare is an old Irish surname meaning "Son of the Angry One". Not really important, but rather interesting. The familial motto is: "Here is a good, rough man" and the coat of arms bears four shamrocks and a gryphon in the centre. The colours are green and white. It was a family of great power in old Ireland, and was first founded in the county of Connacht.
  • He seems to have a form of Proportionate Dwarfism, as well.
  • A bit more about the O'Hare name:

OHare poses by a the sign of Thneedville.

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